Do our company need to import into automation?

  • High danger, labor intensive, high frequency or tough conditions of human working.
  • Mass produced quantity
  • Short processing time

What are the benefit of import into automation ?

  • Solve human resources needs.
  • Prevent technical skill gap.
  • Keep quality stability.
  • Accurate to control product capacity.

Is current using machine capable of import into automatic equipment?

It needs some basic conditions to import automation.

  • Electric control circuit needs estimation to ensure if we can correct circuit connecting condition.
  • Hardware part needs to estimate usable working space.



What basic equipment will be required for automation import into?

It’s requires some hardware electric control equipment.

  • Positioning feeding equipment
  • Finished material loading table or conveyor
  • Automatic arm or XYZ gantry robot
  • Robotic arm’s gripper
  • Electronic control by master control


What conditions required to import into automation?

Import into automation, need offer several basic conditions.

  • Production workpiece
  • Shape, size and weight of workpiece
  • Production process
  • Working scene conditions
  • Current machine’s state and condition
  • Produced items whether they can be collided


Import into robotic arms, how to choose

Basic conditions for robotic arm and XYZ gantry robot

  • Size and weight of production workpiece
  • Distance between machines
  • Conditions temperature and pH (chemistry)
  • Conditions for equipment demands


Is equipment automation feasibility evaluation whether have expert check through at working scene?

There have professional assist scene evaluation and planning.

How proceed that our company import into automation?

Please contact us, we’ll build up for your individual demand.
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