Simulation Software
RoboMOVE (Simulation Software) Functions:

- Realistic simulation functions

- Freedom to adjust the robot through multiple axes

- Management of the robot's external axes

- Offline programming

Robotic Arm System Integration

- CAM_ROBOT system integration

- Integration of sheet metal stamping robot load movement systems.

- Integration of load stacking and moving systems

Processing of Customized Products

- Professional 5-axis Processing of Styrofoam

- CNC Milling

- Milling tools for aerospace use

- Milling tools for traditional use

- Purchase and sales of designed products

Industrial Automation and Robotics Integration

Rolling Automation Co., Ltd. is specialized and experienced in industrial automation and robotics integration. Our services include: Design integration and installation for load stacking and moving robotic arms, and program design for robotic arms. Rolling is pledged to continuous improvement to achieve our client's automation and rationalization requirements.