Artist of Robotic arm Automation System Integration.

We make material moving, jigs gripping, and running sounds of machines into fluent musical chapters, lead the operator to control the whole manufacturing process, producing goods with flowing of producing process.
Make manual works no longer burden for operator as our wish.
Make production capacity no longer stress on manager as our wish.
Let us contribute effort to your industry automation.

CAM_ROBOT Robotic Systems Integration
  • CAM_ROBOT robotic systems integration planning.
  • Metal stamping robot loading movement automation, integration of design、manufacture and installation.
  • System integration and installation of robotic palletizing.
  • Multi-axes and professional robotic processing of customized products.
  • Gantry Robot
  • Robot Protective Covering
  • Strategic Alliance
Business Principles
【Customer first, Quality satisfaction】
This is the motto of every staff in this company.
We pursue continuous improvement for our products in order to meet our client's requirements in automation and system rationalization.